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The compressibleFoam source has been ported to all versions of OpenFOAM v1.7-2.3. The first version of the code based on OpenFOAM v1.7 is released under the GNU/GPL license. Also note that this version is only first order accurate. The second order code and laminar version are used for my training programs. I earn my living using these codes and hence have reserved the option of releasing them in open.

Maybe someday I might!

I am enclosing free sample slides for my workshop on “OpenFOAM beginner programming”. Note that the slides are copyrighted and I will be more than happy to give you permission to use them. But kindly drop me an email before you do so with the intent of using my slides. Usually I am ok if you are using the slides for educational/research purpose.

Instructional workshop on OpenFOAM programming

1) Module 1: Basics of OpenFOAM data-types and fields part 1 part 2 part 3

2) Module 2: Operators, LUD Matrices and others part 1 part 2 part 3

3) Module 3: Random topics of interest : Limiters and Parallelization, compressibleFoam solver part 1 part 2

Other course I offer,

Advanced OpenFOAM programming course

Same topics as in “Instructional workshop on OpenFOAM programming” course +

  1. Basics of mesh motion
  2. Lagrangian/Particle simulation in OF (programming aspects)
  3. Random Topics: Looking beyond LDU Matrix and non-zero halos, parallelization of particle simulations, visualization and post-processing (programming), Second order compressibleFoam, Viscous terms

The above courses have been tailored to all versions of OpenFOAM > 1.7.x. In addition, I am open to new proposals for customized training courses.

I can be reached at m dot pavanakumar at gmail dot com for further enquiries.